Friday, January 28, 2011

Has It Really Been Almost a Week?

I can't believe that my last post was almost a week ago! Where does the time go? Our former pastor told me once, "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes." It's been... oh my goodness... almost 4 years since he told me that -- I guess he's right.

It's been quite a week...

  • It started out with staying late at the church -- our youth bible study started Monday night and I wanted to make sure everyone had a ride home. 
  • Tuesday was lunch with some of the Craft Ladies and the youngest of the group, Betty's granddaughter Collins, who's 4 months old. Betty had a mishap and had to call AAA when we were getting ready to leave. After that was cleared up, I dropped some mail off at the post office and was pulled over by a Henrico County officer. When I saw those blue lights I started thinking, "I stopped for that stop sign." and "I had my turn signal on." and finally "Do I have a the updated stickers on the plates?" It turned out that only 1 of my 3 brake lights were working. When the office asked me to get out of the van so that he could show me, he asked if I had any children in the van. When I responded, "They're all in college." He smiled and said that I didn't look old enough to have children in college. He made my day!! 
  • Wednesday morning the exterminator came to do another treatment for the fleas we had in October (had to get a full year service, but glad the things are gone!) then visited with friends before heading into the office. No hand bell or choir practice that night -- weather was supposed to be bad. Most of the city schools had cancelled evening activities & many churches had done the same. Since we weren't ringing or singing this Sunday, we cancelled too. 
  • Thursday was Ladies Nite Out and a trip to Red Lobster. My sweet hubby visited with a friend who had hip replacement surgery last week while I took his wife with me to dinner. I'm really glad we were able to do that. I had a coconut shrimp dinner and he got all of his sociology class reading done.
  • Today it was sleeting when I left the house but wasn't doing anything thing after I stopped for coffee before I got to the church. Finished up the bulletin, the newssheet, printed 2 certificates for the child dedications we're having on Sunday as well as the letters to the children for them to open on their 12th birthdays, worked on the newsletter, did an email reminder of the baby shower this Sunday, among many other things. Tonight I'll do a bit of reading. I want to finish reading "Courting Ruth" by Emma Miller. (I signed up for a reading challenge -- 50 books this year -- gotta keep going.)

Tomorrow it's off to the hair dresser -- I hope she sends me her new address before I have to leave! That could be a story in the making. I'll let you know.

P.S.  Don't forget to feed my fish on the bottom of the page.

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