Friday, August 19, 2011

Three Looks at Love -- a Train, a Canal, and a Toy Store

Bestselling author Wanda E. Brunstetter brings you three historical stories of finding room for love. Glenna Moore is desperate after she watches her gambling father jump hurriedly from the back of a moving train. Will a young reverend bring stability and love back into her life? Judith King’s life as a new schoolteacher takes an unexpected turn when a widowed father begins to captivate her thoughts. Will she muster enough courage to seek his love? Bev Winters’s job is an answer to prayer until her boss complicates her widowed life. Will her pride allow love after loss?

I haven't read much historical fiction but I really liked these stories. The two set in Pennsylvania were decidedly special for me. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, not too far from the Leheigh Canal and Easton. My husband grew up in one of the towns that still has a lock and you can walk the towpath along the canal.

In each story, each woman has her own loss of love. But each of their stories are different -- a woman who can't believe God can love her with her background -- a woman who thinks she's not pretty enough to be loved -- a woman not ready to be loved again. Each woman has her own strengths and her own vulnerabilities. I learned something from each woman and from wouldn't mind meeting them again someday. Thank you Wanda!

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