Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today is the first day of the rest of my blogging life.

Yes, I know it's cliche, but where do I start? What do I say next? Do I ramble or just pick a random thought that's going through my head? I thought if my aunt could give this  try, why couldn't I? So here I am... on the web... blogging.

I am part of a reading group on and we all are fans of Amish fiction. We have been doing a book of the month since October, 2010. (Wait, it was the same aunt that sent me to goodreads, she seems to keep me moving!) We give suggestions as to what we'd like to read next and randomly a book is picked. Here's what we've read so far...

October - "Hide In Plain Sight" by Marta Perry
November - "
A Time to Love" by Barbara Cameron
December - "
A Simple Amish Christmas" by Vannetta Chapman 

This month we're reading "Sarah's Garden" by Kelly Long but we haven't starting discussing it yet. Has anyone outside of the group read it?

I also issued myself a reading challenge for 2011 -- 50 books. You can watch how I'm doing with it on goodreads too. If I'm working on a challenge, I'd better get off of here and get back to a book!

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